We move for different purposes. We run , we go, we jump, we dance and so on. We are able to adopt different postures apparently without effort.

There is an interaction between body, soul and intellect which results in the perfect movement for the purpose. And we all have parameters and rules what a perfect movement should be.

But what happens when there is a movement without any purpose? – in dance for instance: I would like to know what happens in a dance without any choreography? No music, no beat, no time, no audience besides the camera to capture what the dancer discovers.
We learn how to move in our early childhood, follow social rules and expectations, internalize a whole pattern of demands while growing up what „appropriate“ behavior (i.e.movement) is concerned. For example, women move different from men.
What happens to our movements when we do not follow all these rules and restrictions, when we carry out „Non-Utility“ Movements ?
The triad of body, soul and mind will change. Where to? Will body and soul get more important, will the intellect control the process less? Possible! Will the movements be more emotional? Will they speak more about touch, breath and feeling your bones and skin or the wave of your hair? Will there be movements at all?
Even standing still is a movement, a constant flow of the triad, always developing further with every breath.
In which direction will this flow develop? Will we be able to stand the process? Will it be joyfull or unpleasant? Will it look and feel strange or funny? Will we be embarrassed?
I think all these questions are worth a photographic inquiry.
Working on this concept needs a lot of trust between model and photographer because no one knows what the outcome will be and no one may control the process. There must be a relaxed and trustful harmony for everybody involved and totally opened senses so that the process can flow freely and the movements can come up from a deeper level of consciousness regardless of the emotion expressed. May it be joyful or sad, open or closed, strong or sensual or even of erotic nature. All of this is possible and welcome.
I started this project in January 2013 by writing down the concept and introducing it to a few models I worked with before. The idea occured to me when I noticed what happens on set when you start working: The model enters the set after being briefed …. and then? Insecurity! The subject is not yet quite clear neither are the expectations. One needs a warm-up (also me). A strange feeling arises. If you allow this uneasy situation you will experience a few minutes of a slight agony which turn to the valuable breeding ground for the creative (thinking)process and a catalyst for the shooting. This precious space of time is to be streched over a whole shooting, spontaneous from start to end and a perfect „Non-Utility“-encounter with the inner self.
No briefing, no art direction, no music, no beat, no talk, no choreography, no directions at all, just a big monotonous space with a camera.
I started working on the project in April 2013 and after a few shootings I was sure that this is a very interesting topic and an ongoing project for me as the experiences the models and I had were so diverse and the results so incredibly different.
So I am happy to say that there will be more to see in the near future. Never the less I would like to introduce the first results today.
Enjoy the images.