Hammerklavier Sonata

Please see my new project Hammerklavier Sonata Enjoy the images.   An interpretation in movements of my favourite piece of music, Beethoven`s "Hammerklavier Sonata". To me it is the most demanding composition, intellectually as well as technically. Simply of genius.    ...

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A PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT ON MOVEMENTS WITHOUT PURPOSE   We move for different purposes. We run , we go, we jump, we dance and so on. We are able to adopt different postures apparently without effort. There is an interaction between body, soul and intellect which results in the perfect movement for the purpose. And we all have parameters and rules what a perfect movement should be. But what happens when there is a movement without any purpose? – in dance for instance: I would like to know what happens in a dance without any choreography? No music, no beat, no time, no audience besides...

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